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  • get the most relevant seafood information - all in one place
  • know if the price is right by tracking the latest prices
  • be on top of the supply by following the catch and the quota
  • spot the changing trends by analysing the trade flow
  • be up to date by skimming through the seafood news


Market prices

The front page of provides a summary of the markets and the catch and more.

Daily prices

You can monitor the daily prices from numerous auction markets in several countries.


The most recent landings are available from several countries.


The quota allocation for several countries is available.


You can follow the exports and imports volumes and prices for various species and products from one country to another.


It is easy to follow the news headlines in different languages.

Salmon prices

Follow the FishPoolIndex™ prices as well as the export prices for salmon from Norway.

Seafood Intelligence

If you are in the need for more detailed analysis you can access in depth analysis from the Seafood Intelligence team in addition to analysis from leading seafood analysts from DnB, Nordea and more.


The latest foreign exchange cross rates are available.


Don't miss out on seafood events. In the events calendar you can see the dates and location for the most important seafood events.

Download the data

You can download all the data in Excel format and keep working on it in on your own computer.

How it works

Frequently Asked Questions

How can I see the latest landings in Norway?

It is quite easy to check the landings for several countries. Not only it is possible just to check the latest landings in a Norway but it also possible to check specific period for landings and compare with the same time. The latest landings are accessible by using the SUPPLY and the Catch menus.

How much quota is available for Atlantic cod?

Information about the Atlantic cod quota are displayed in the quota window. This window also displays the quota utilization ratio. The quota window is accessible by using the SUPPLY and the Quota menus.

How can I find out about Greenland halibut exports to Japan?

It is easy to find out the export/imports of certain species in the trade flow window. The trade flow window can be accessed by using the MARKETS and Trade flow menus. In the trade flow window you simply select the declarant country and the partner country, the time period and the species. Then you press the load data button and you will see a table with the volume and prices for all the products for this species.

Can I read the news on

The news on provide links to the most relevent news sites for the seafood industry. On you can read the headlines and then open up the relevant news site. The news headlines are accessible using the NEWS/EVENTS and News menus.

I am looking for seafood industry analysis. Is that available on

On find analysis from our very own seafood intelligence team as well as access analysis from others such as DnB, Nordea, EUFOMA, and more. The analysis is accessible using the INTELLIGENCE and SIR menus.

How can I find the current prices on

If you are looking for the current prices provides the latest seafood auction prices from seafood auctions from different countries. The current prices are accessible using the MARKETS and Daily prices menus.

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Story behind the markofish

In today's world companies are in constant need for better information in order to stay ahead in their businesses. The seafood industry is complex industry with a lots of data to shift through. More over a lot of the information is not easily accessible making it difficult for decison makers in seafood to follow what is happening in the industry.

A few years ago the seafood intelligence team at started looking at this challenge by following the trade flow in Atlantic cod with the aim to help decision makers to have access to relevant information. What started out as a monthly publication in printed from has now evolved into a full fledged seafood information dashboard where the users can keep track of the seafood markets. Furthermore, we have created a tool where user can access seafood market information without the need of being an expert in data mining.

Dr. Jón Stefánsson

Head of Research

What do people think?

IceFresh (Samherji) is a major seafood supplier that operates in markets worldwide. Being well informed about the latest market trends and prices is very important in our business. is one of the tools that helps us make valuable decisions.

Gústaf Baldvinsson Managing Director

We at Skinney Þinganes are constantly looking at how we can improve the operation of our company. By using the trade flow and market prices we can better assess where to position our products.

Hjalti Þór Vignisson Sales Manager

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